Detailed. Vibrant. Durable.

SunGlaze™ Enamel is a solid aluminum panel with bright, vibrant and high quality full colour graphics. SunGlaze™ Enamel’s UV protection prevent your graphics from fading. It is solvent resistant, allowing graffiti to be wiped off without damaging your graphics. SunGlaze™ Enamel has no layers, making it impervious to water, and will not delaminate.

fontasy-sign-display-aluminum-signs-outside-information-kiosk-sign-ontario-canadaAppearance & Size

SunGlaze™ Enamel can reproduce fine detail & text and high resolution photos. SunGlaze™ Enamel can be cut into any size and shape and can be displayed on its own or can be mounted into one of our sign structures. The maximum size for a continuous panel of SunGlaze™ Enamel is 1525 mm x 3048 mm (60 in x 120 in).


SunGlaze™Enamel panels are covered under warranty for 10 years prorated from the date of receipt of shipped goods to the customer or date product was installed by Fontasy Sign & Display Inc. SunGlaze™ Enamel panels are warranted against failure from manufacturing defeats, including but not limited to excessive fading, de-lamination, breakage and weathering, or any other decomposition that could negatively affect use and enjoyment of the sign panels.